BIRD -  Obviously I am researching my own surname! But unfortunately it is made tricky because my name is so common and most of the families are too distant in relation. My line goes back through Arthur Bird, who was a prospector in the Yukon and NWT, and who immigrated to Canada with his parents, Robert & Catherine Bird, and several brothers, sometime in the 1880's from Oxton, Notts, England. Related Names:  Scrimshire, Scrimshaw

DENCER - This one has been tough. My great-grandmother was Louisa Dencer, and her parents were Henry Dencer and Sarah Beasley. They lived somewhere in Kenilworth, England. That is about all I know about them. Related Names: Beasley, Lancaster

THOMSON - Another common name. My line goes back through David Young Thomson, who migrated from Dysart, Fife, Scotland around 1905. His parents, William & Rachel (Young) Thomson remained in Scotland. Related Names: Young, Gordon, Black

MOYES - It sounds French, but it is actually Scottish. I am researching the line through Ebeneezer & Ann (Clark) Moyes, who lived in different parts of Fife, Scotland. Related Names: Clark, Walker, Campbell

 FRAZER -  My line of Frazers goes back through William & Mary-Jane (Wilson) Frazer who came to Ontario from somewhere in Roscommon, Ireland (in the 1830s). Unfortunately it would seem that most of the relevant vital stats got burned up, so I have no idea how to trace this line further. Related Names: Wilson

FAITHFULL -  I have traced this one back to 1530 (when they were called Faythefull), but the side lines are interesting too. My line traces back through William Faithful and Thirza (Houghton) Faithfull. Related Names: Houghton, Lutman, Mainer

REMENDE / REMENDA / REMANDA - Since this is a translation from Ukrainian, the spelling varies. All I know about this line is that Semka/Simon Remanda was living in Saskatchewan by the turn of the century, but was born in Galicia, Ukraine (possible a place called Barseynu?). Related Names: Bazowski

MIKITIUK / MIKYTIUK / MYKYTYUK - Another name that doesn't translate well from the Cyrillic alphabet. My line traces back through Parinka Mikitiuk who immigrated to Canada as a teenager in the 1900s from either the Ukraine or from Romania. 

As an interesting aside, I have also listed some of my famous relatives on another page. 

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