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2015 Christmas Letter

Posted by on Thursday, December 24, 2015, In : Holidays 
Merry Christmas Everyone!!

This has been such a busy year that I cannot believe we are already back at Christmas Day. Time seems to fly by faster than I can keep track of it lately!

I am still keeping busy with my variety of projects, and as always feeling driven to be doing even more! Never one to miss an opportunity for further education, I spent most of the Spring months taking some online courses in graduate level robotics and artificial intelligence, and in the summer I continued my studie...
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Yet Another Security Breach

Posted by Chris Bird on Tuesday, December 1, 2015, In : Security 
In a trend that is becoming far too common lately, I have been the victim of another security breach due to an online service provider.

Sometime yesterday, an e-mail account that I had retired about five years ago became reactivated by someone telling the company that they were me and had forgotten the password as well as the answers to the security questions. In such cases, e-mail providers are supposed to refuse to re-activate the account.

Unfortunately in this case, someone at the email prov...
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Chris Bird I am a theoretical physicist and mathematician, as well as an unpaid caregiver. In the past I have also been a computer programmer, roboticist, author, web designer, and countless other titles too numerous to list.

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