I must say that I am sorry to have to write this article, because it involves the darkest of personalities and people who are too cowardly to confront their foes. These are the sort of people that some in the psychiatry field refer to as "evil". And unfortunately, I seem to be their target.

As such I feel that an explanation is in order, to give those who are interested in truth the testimony they need to make their own judgements of other things that have been said or written in the past.

Nearly ten years ago now, certain acquaintances of my late father approached me demanding money. And I do not mean twenty dollars, or two hundred, or even a few thousand - they demanded a mid-five figure sum. I was earning a decent wage, and had built up a good sized investment portfolio, and they wanted a cut.

I said no.

And since that time I have been plagued with anonymous sniping and attacks both online and in person. In the real world I have had mail stolen from my mailbox (leading me to install security cameras), and my mother's house was vandalized and damaged on multiple occasions. 

In the virtual world the attacks have been more sinister. In 2011 my website was hacked and altered (although that may have been another motive related more to extended family members than to me), and since then I have learned of several fake e-mail accounts and social media accounts that were set up in my name. A few times I have had my email accounts or websites falsely reported to online security companies, who quickly discovered that the accusations were false. I have had people who I have never met (and who probably never actually existed) make wild accusations online or in other forums, but when the authorities investigate these people have disappeared. 

And unfortunately the internet has grown far faster than cyberbullying laws. Many offending accounts are registered in countries that have no rules governing slander or identity theft, and there are some webhosts in these countries that actively market their immunity from the law.

So if ever you find a strange story or claim, either about me or claiming to be written by me, there is a good chance it is this cyberbully hitting again.