A couple of my friends from the physics and mathematics community have launched a new online science series, and have asked me to promote it through my website. It is called The Edge Of Reality, and will be using professional scientists and mathematicians to present some very modern and exotic scientific theories to a general audience. The goal is to make modern physics and mathematics exciting and understandable, and perhaps even inspire a new generation of researchers to begin their own careers in the sciences.

The first episode was posted this afternoon, and contains mostly introductory materials and an overview of the goals of this projects. The plan is to release new videos on a somewhat erratic schedule until everything is up and running, but they are hoping for a monthly or twice monthly schedule for the next few months. As it becomes more established and new staff can be brought into the production team, it may move up to a weekly program.

(And for the sake of full disclosure I should add that they have contracted my company, Intergalactic Visuals, to produce some of the animations for upcoming episodes as well.)

Based on the animations and CGI work that they have already requested I can tell you that some of these upcoming videos are going to be truly amazing. Some of the subject matter that they are preparing for presentation has never been presented before to a general audience (so far as I know) and will be most interesting to watch when these episodes are ultimately published. 

I would encourage anyone with an interest in modern physics and mathematics to watch the upcoming episodes, and perhaps even try a free subscription!